7. Shooters Responsibility

7. Shooters Responsibility. All public using firearms at the facility must do the following:

  • 7.1. All shooters must check in with the RSO on duty before approaching the firing line (this includes off-duty RSO's).
  • 7.2. All shooters will follow all general range rules and firearms handling rules (See Appendix G).
  • 7.3. All shooters will conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times and will be responsible for the conduct of any family/guests in their group.
  • 7.4. All shooters are responsible for their guns and ammunition while visiting the range. Guns that are out of the case and not being fired must be benched or in the designated gun rack (actions open and facing up, chambers empty, muzzles pointing downrange, and safeties on).
  • 7.5. Only handle and load firearms on the firing line after the RSO has given the command: “The Range is Hot”.
  • 7.6. When moving firearms to or from the firing line, muzzles must be pointed up or down range and the muzzle must not cross any person. Pointing Down at the cement is not a safe direction.
  • 7.7. The shooter must not point the firearm at anything other than authorized targets.
  • 7.8. The shooter must fire only at his/her own target.
  • 7.9. Any shooter may yell the command “CEASEFIRE” if any unsafe conditions are noticed.
  • 7.10. The shooter must follow all instructions from the RSO. The RSO has the right to eject any person exhibiting unsafe or dangerous behavior from the range.
  • 7.11. The shooter should assist others in policing the area of brass and any other debris.
  • 7.12. No pets are allowed on the firing range during live-fire, but must be located to a safe distance and properly restrained.
  • 7.13. Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs. Shooters may not consume alcoholic drinks or drugs (including prescription and over-the-counter medications) before or during live-firing. The RSO has the authority to deny range access to anyone that the RSO observes is in violation or who the RSO deems to exhibit impairment.