1. Introduction

1. Background and Introduction.

Welcome to Big Hollow! We are happy to have you as a member of our team! The current mission of Big Hollow is to provide a safe and organized place that the general public, including the residents of the Wasatch Valley, and surrounding areas, can come to have a safe and fun shooting experience and to provide a critical facility for hunter education and training that corresponds to the mission of the Utah Department of Natural Resources(DNR), Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR). This document sets out the general standard operating procedures governing Range Safety Officers (RSO’s) who volunteer their time for range operations.

These SOPs supersedes all previous manuals and memos regarding the operating procedures. These SOPs are not intended to supersede the rules for the safe and responsible handling of firearms, but provide general guidance to the operations of the facility and to also supplement the general Range Rules. While every effort is made to keep the contents of this document current, Big Hollow reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate any of the policies and/or procedures described in the manual with or without prior notice to our volunteers. We will make effort to relay the changes to you.

This document has been developed by your Big Hollow leadership in order to familiarize Range Safety Officers (RSO’s) and users, with Big Hollow and provide information about working conditions, key policies, procedures, and benefits affecting our volunteers. Big Hollow Shooting Range grew from a casual uncontrolled shooting range posing environmental and safety problems for the local community and developed through the desire from local shooters for a safer and more organized place to shoot. Through a successful partnership with the DWR , the owners of the land upon which Big Hollow is located, and Wasatch County, we have successfully started down this path. The facility supports the DWR’s mission to provide hunter education and general range operations that are also part of the Pittman Robertson Act range promotion mission.