8. Law enforcement

8. Law Enforcement/Military Groups and YHEC.

    8. Law Enforcement/Military Groups.

  • 8.1 Tuesdays and Thursdays are generally reserved for military and law enforcement use. These organizations still need to reserve the time with the Range Coordinator to prevent miscommunications and to ensure there is no overlap or duplication. If there are schedule changes the responsible person must notify the Range coordinator to allow others to use the range.
  • 8.2 These groups are guests on the range and need to follow the general range rules and the range spicific range rules, defined in the Standard Operating Procedure. They need to provide thier own supplies and equipment. the existing suplies and equipment are the property of the DNR and are for public use under the direction of the range aproved RSO, LE Departments have thier own supplies and equipment budgets. They are responsible to clean up the range after there event. Brass may be left but shotgun hulls, target and trash need to be deposited in the dumpsters. If they use the trash cans they need to be emptied in the dumpster.
  • 8.3 So long as a person is an active LE officer, and the range is not then open for public use or a special event. The LE officer may use the range for individual practice. If they want to bring family or non-LE friends to shoot, they need to schedual an event thru the website group request. Groups that include Non-LE individuals need to have a range approved RSO to monitor saftey.
  • 8.4 Law Enforcement groups provide their own range officers and are solely responsible for their own activities.
  • 8.5 An RSO may use the range on Tuesdays and Thursdays as long as long as there are not any law enforcement or military units scheduled, the same as any other non-public use time.
  • 8.6 Law Enforcement Departments should have their own Access to the gates and should not need Access to the conex. They should provide their own equipment and supplies, that are consistant with the SOP. When out of county LE organization's make a group reservation , they will be given access to the gate, by the Range Coordinator.
  • 8.7 Hunter Education and Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC). One of the key missions of the range is to support the DWR’s hunter education requirement. Hence, hunter education classes take priority as long as they are scheduled in advance. The hunter education instructor should check in with the RSO, but is responsible for providing the range control for their activities, including safety.